Monday, September 12, 2016

Dr. Clarence Valis knew he was one shell away from death.

Dr. Clarence Valis knew he was one shell away from death. Spluttering blood and saliva, he desperately tried to reign in his quaking hands and fingers just long enough to ram in his last remaining shell into the sawed-off shotgun. He could not command his fingers properly and the blasted shotgun kept jumping and weaving around. Icy rain sluiced over his head, through his clothes, and pooled into his glasses, making it even harder to see through the gathering gloom and focus on the task at hand.

But all of that, even combined, was mere child's play when it came to his concentration when one factored in the creature that was slithering it's way toward him. Valis finally got the shell into the chamber and snapped the single-shot weapon's barrel into place. Terrified, he crab-crawled back away from the lurching, scuttling, slimy thing--at least it was lurching, that meant the other shots had done something, right--and tried desperately to make himself seem like just part of the refuse-and-garbage-strewn alleyway.

The disconnected, cold, and logical part of Valis was pretty sure that hiding from this thing would be utterly fruitless. He was pretty sure that it did not even see using the visible light spectrum anyway, but the terror-saturated part of the Doctor's mind told him to hide hide hide Hide Hide HIDE HIDE HIDE!!!

Still the monstrosity kept sliding towards him. The long, proboscis-like tentacle-tongue was questing forward into the darkness now, like a snake tasting the air. The three red gashes that the Doctor assumed were eyes began to emit a soft, bloody glow that reflected off the wet concrete.

"Matt! It's getting closer! Are you ready?" Valis screamed, his water-and-blood filled eyes scanning the rooftop in desperation. If he had been a praying man, he would have prayed at that moment that his fellow Orbis Observer co-worker had escaped the other creature and made it to the rooftop. Then, if he had been a praying man, Dr. Valis would have considered praying that "Mad" Matt Olsen's plan was going to work.

The alien horror seemed to key in on his voice and threw itself in a massive lurch towards the Doctor. The beast's movement seemed to betray desperation, pain, and hunger all at the same time.

"MATT!" Valis screamed, pulling the trigger.

In that instant, Dr. Valis really regretted not having ever been a praying man.

Art Source: "The game is not over" (c)/by MorkarDFC
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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