Saturday, August 6, 2016

I Am...the Curtain.

I Am...the Curtain. The Curtain Between Worlds. The Curtain and I are one. The Curtain was the very reason for my Creation. I control it. I conserve it. I continue it. I cultivate it. I am Olarus.

And now, I am Fallen.

This, I think, was not the intent of He Who Was My Master and yet the silvered, subtle words of Lucifer seemed right to me at the time. I Listened and soon, I could feel Pride stir within my breast and I Followed the Shining One. I Followed him straight out of Glory. I Fell. It was not what I intended, and yet I must now bear the brunt and pay the price for my choice. Yet, I shall not choose a side in the Great War. I REFUSE! I no longer care for the Silver-Tongued Price of Lies, nor the Great Father of All. I have only one care now, and it is I...and I Am the Curtain.

The Curtain is all I have now, you see. I must protect it. I must maintain it. I must avenge it. Now, with the Great War, the Curtain is tattered and torn. I have many hands and they are able, and I try to mend these rips, but these fallen: the devils, and demons, and all their imps and perversions and all these exalted: the angels, the cherubim and seraphim, the principalities and powers - ALL OF THEM CARE NOTHING FOR MY CURTAIN!

Can they not see? Can not see what they do to Me? They rip and tear as they travel hither and yon. They care nothing for the subtly woven fabrics that compose the Veil of All Reality. To them, it is nothing more than a Passage, a momentary path from one world to another, or from one Reality to Another. They have no idea of the titanic, shimmering, shivering POWER that lies within these Cosmic Threads, or of the pain it causes the Curtain...causes ME...when they abuse and misuse her.

But this will cease. I will see to it. I am UNCHAINED. I am OLARUS. I am the CURTAIN and I will PROTECT MYSELF, or


What these fools do not understand is that if I am the Curtain, and I go....where, then, will be the Curtain?

Where I go, goes the very fabric of reality....

They will do well to fear me. FEAR OLARUS AND RESPECT THE CURTAIN!

Art Source: "Blue Devil" (c)/by Toshi13go
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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