Saturday, August 27, 2016

Xye leapt, simultaneously heating and charging her twin stingerz as she did so.

Xye leapt, simultaneously heating and charging her twin stingerz as she did so. “Death comes to you, Pheres!” she screeched, landing mere hairs-breaths behind her prey. She immediately leapt again, trying to catch him mid-air.

The purple-skinned mutant growled, bounding in mid-air off the carcass of a rusting tower of ruined autos. He reversed his momentum and slammed into Xye’s yellow-and-black carapace in the empty space above the arena.

The crowd went wild.

He was inside the reach of her stingerz now, but not her mandibles or her deadly abdomen sting. Xye wrapped her arms around his back, locking one stingerz over the other and tried desperately to plunge the venom-laced, two-foot long hollow spear into the mutant’s flesh.

“You will die, foul thing! I'll find my freedom from the DeathDome!” Pheres spat. Two massive claws shot out from the odd otherworld device on his wrist and plunged into the completely surprised Xye.

The wasp-woman screamed, golden blood flowing from the deep puncture in her slender waist. Pheres's brutal attack had nearly severed her in two. She answered the mutant’s sting with one of her own, driving her abdomen stinger deep into his thigh. Her glassy eyes glittered with instinctual hunger and learned pride as she pumped the viscous venom into his flesh. 

It was now the mutant’s turn to bellow. He did and the crowd responded in turn with a titanic roar of their own.

The two combatants slammed heavily into the bedrock arena floor, long-since stained black with the combined blood of those countless thousands who died within the gladiatorial arena. Neither of the normally lithe beings managed to dodge or roll away any of the momentum from their fall--they both hit like wet sacks of concrete.

Thousands of voices all around them went up in a titanic wave of adoration and approval of the show...and in arrogation of it's continuance.

Pheres groaned, spitting blood out of his mouth and nose. "!" Each word was ripped, kicking and screaming, away from the pain inside him.

"You are a fool, Pheres! You will never be free! Listen to the crowd!" Xye paused, drawing breath in past her weakly flexing mandibles.

The purple-skinned mutant did as his opponent said and perceived the crazed faces of the throng around them. The mob was indeed mad for blood, and realization slowly began to dawn.

Xye continued, the words coming in ragged rasps, "They will drink you in like a flagon of water and toss the ruined husk away when you are spent. Mark my words, mutant, I may die here this day, but you will die here in a day soon to come."

Like a sinking ship, the truth of the Wasp-woman's words finally hit the bottom of Pheres's brainpan. His pale blue, pupil-less eyes widened with the inexorable weight and inescapable actuality of it all. He growled, pushing himself up from the bloody bedrock. Slowly, painfully, he began to crawl towards his opponent.

The crowd, sensing the coup de grace to come, cheered louder and louder with each of the purple-skinned mutant's unrelenting movements.

Pheres clapped a thick hand on Xye's thin neck. The Wasp-woman flailed weakly, golden life-blood gushing, but it was a foregone conclusion.

The savage swarm of the DeathDome leaned forward collectively, almost holding their breath as one, massive, bloodthirsty beast. It was as if they were straining to hear the crick-crack of Xye's neck breaking.

"No one is dying here today," Pheres said, his odd golden tattoo flaring to life. With a grunt of effort, will, and mystic energy, he leaped...

Then, both he and Xye where just...gone.

Art Source: "Wasp Warrior" (c)/by Enigmasystem
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth, Pheres (c) by Corey Blankenship

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