Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Lord of Fall shook his head.

The Lord of Fall shook his head. "No, my daughter."

The Fall Lady was not pleased. "But, Father, I want him!"

Again, the massive rack of horns shifted back and forth. "No, and that is my final word, Lia."

Almond-shaped eyes dimmed and it seemed that the entire form of the Fall Lady was somehow diminished. "But I do not think I can survive without him, Father. He is the very nature of a primal: strong, brash, unstopping, and filled with zeal and zest. I need him to survive the Winter!"

Nearby, the primitive human stood frozen and enraptured by the Lia's sorcery. If only the brute had paid heed to the words of his village shaman and avoided the Shadow Wood, he would not be here now. Despite all his fierceness, all his sheer raw strength, the man could do nothing against the spell that had totally captured him and transformed him into Lia's willing thrall. The sheer, unearthly beauty of the Princess of Autumn had utterly possessed the man's soul.

Long moments of silence passed, their otherworldly perfection marred only by the dry, sibilant rasping of falling leaves. The stately rack of antlers that served as the Lord of Fall's crown finally dipped. "And what would you do with him, my daughter." The Lord of Fall's deep amber eyes did not hide the fact that he well knew what his capricious daughter's answer would be...

...and that it shattered his aged, immortal heart.

"The same thing I do with them all, Father. I will send him back, into his filthy, cold, horrid reality. He will convert his fellows into my abject followers. They will see me and love me and they will worship me as a god!" Lia's almond-shaped eyes glittered with the madness that was rooted deep in her soul of soot and pitch. The Lord of Fall knew that the Lady, his daughter, was likely right--it would not be long before she was more powerful than any of his brethren--including him.

"Or...they will all die beneath his hands, and I shall shower in the blood of those slain in my name!" Lia turned her glittering eyes on her Father, as if daring him to challenge her. For a moment, a sliver of fear ran down the Lord of Fall's spine. He wondered if she might, in fact, be far more powerful than he at that very moment. Something screamed in the back of his mind and warned him that he should be very, very frightened of his little girl. Resigned, the Lord of Fall could do little more than nod in his silent acquiescence.

Lia smiled and then spun towards her mighty, simpleton thrall. Over his head, she placed a token of her power: an emerald shard of her reality known only as FallsHeart. The crystallized-power-in-gem-form held many magics, but mostly, it created a tangible link between Lia, her thrall, her world, and his'. As it touched his skin, it began to pulse with an corrupted green light of its own.

The Lady of Fall leaned forward and kissed the brute lightly upon the forehead. The man's eyes rolled back beneath his heavy brow and he trembled like a man possessed.

"Go, my priest. Bring me the abject love of many followers...or bring me their hearts."

He departed her realm with a snarl stretched across his features.

Art Source: "Broken" (c)/by Yuanheng Li
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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