Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Ha ha ha! Throngdar the Mighty Barbarian, sitting and waiting like an old wash woman!"

"Ha ha ha! Throngdar the Mighty Barbarian, sitting and waiting like an old wash woman!"

"HAH! AHHA! Barbarian Prince, he of the mighty thews cannot go and compete in the Barbarian Games atop Mount Reallyhightop!"

"BWHAHAHAHA! Barbarian? Or Rock?"


Their taunts were endless. Throngdar was very happy when they finally left. Now, at least Throngdar would not have to hear their gutless bleating. Oh, by Crom! How Throngdar wanted to strangle the air out of their throats and kick their teeth out through the backs of their heads!

But Throngdar could not. Throngdar must sit. Throngdar must learn patience. That is what Teacher says. Throngdar was not happy to hear this...not happy at all.


"Tomorrow? TOMORROW? Throngdar cannot do this tomorrow, Teacher! Tomorrow is the Annual Barbarian Games atop Mount Reallyhightop! If Throngdar does his, Throngdar will be laughingstock of entire village!"

The small, withered old man from the far Eastern Lands merely nodded his head. "This is precisely why you must do this tomorrow, my son. A true warrior must learn to suffer wounds that are beneath the skin, as well as those upon it."

"No! This cannot be Teacher!" Throngdar bellowed. Throngdar should not have done so, but he did.

Teacher's eyes narrowed. "It can and shall be. Tomorrow, you shall fish. You shall sit by the brook and shall catch a trout for me. But this trout shall not be just any trout. The trout must be as long as my walking stick and when you catch it, it will speak to you."

"But tomorrow?!? Oh, by Crom!" Yes, Throngdar cursed. In front of Teacher.

The little, yet mighty man's eyes narrowed. "Enough. Leave me and prepare your fishing gear. Tomorrow you shall learn a bit more about being a true warrior and a King. Tomorrow, you shall learn patience."

Art Source: "Patience" (c)/by Disse86
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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