Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Last Will and Testament of Jimee Jon Nuby MieGee

The Last Will and Testament of Jimee Jon Nuby MieGee

I dint kno whii I don writt dat. Reckin 'causit mkes it seeem a mite mor ficial. I saw dat on da moovin' picters 1 time wen I don gon inta town wit' Momama. But dat ain't gon hapin no mo.

Momamas gone.

Dey comed n'got her. Drugged her off inta th dark, a-kickin-an-a-screamin. Dats whi Ima rilly writin dis. Cause dey got Momama n dats ficial nuff 4 me. Dem creeturs gonna havta pay.

Momamas gone.

She wernt hurten nobodee. She wuz tryin ta helpem, lik Momama alwiz don. Momama wernt hurta fli. But I ain't Momama. Reckin dats whi Ima writin dis. Soz dey'll knos. Deyll knos it wernt Momamas falt. Dey bettr lays de bleme at de creeturs feet. Dey strted it alls.

Dey strted wit dee vizits. Dem creeturs playd rilly smart. Dey seys dey wuz hir ta heelp. Afor long, tings wuz changin' tho. Dem creeturs, wit der falsee smilez an der papirs an der ruls an regalatins. Dey strted nice, but afor long, dey strted sezing "abuze" an "nigleect".

Den, Momamas gone.

Dem creeturs comin fer me now. But dey ain't gona git mez wifout a fight. Dem creeturs frm towne tuk mi Momamas. But dey ain't gone tak mez r mii nam ain't Jimee Jon Nuby MieGee.

Art Source: "Spaghetti Head" (c)/by blitzcadet
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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