Monday, May 16, 2016

Once upon a time, in the forests of Siberia, there lived a beautiful young maiden named Piya.

Once upon a time, in the forests of Siberia, there lived a beautiful young maiden named Piya. This lovely young girl lived alone with her Piter, father (as her mother had sadly, died in childbirth) who thought that young Piya was the sweetest creature ever to have trod the Earth. In truth, Piya was very sweet, thoughtful, and caring but far more was she a lover of the truth than any of those things. It was said by the forest folk that new Piya and Piter, that God Himself had sent an angel who touched the infant girl as she was being born and that one act filled her with the very goodness and justice of God. For, as everyone with a mind to think can tell you, there can be no judgement and no justice without true love.

Regardless, Piter and his daughter were happier than any father and daughter since the bright and shining time when the Father of Heaven and Eve walked and talked together in the Garden in the cool of the day.

Such as is the way of things, all was well with Piter and Piya until one day when a strange woman entered the forest near their home and trouble soon began. It had happened that in the weeks prior to the arrival of this woman, whose name was Yeva, a strange malady had befallen the forest folk. As luck should have it, this Yeva, who was also said to be most lovely to look upon, was a maker of unguents and poultices and draughts that were said to heal. Yeva was more than happy to help those to had fallen ill, but of course payment was required. For after all, she was a lone woman with no means of her own.

And so, the forest folk began to pay and Yeva began to tend them.

Until one day, when Piter fell ill. As it happened, the father of Piya took sick when he was amid the village of the forest folk, selling his fine ironwood axe handles, which he cut, curved, and carved himself. It was said that the illness took him low in a single blow and Piter collapsed to the ground without a word. Yeva was summoned and she appeared and no sooner had the two laid eyes upon one another than they fell in love. Yeva began to minister to the poor afflicted Piter but anyone who had eyes in their head could tell that these two were bound for the altar.

Word of this spread through the forest like a wildfire in summer and it was not long before Piya came to her father's side. One look at Yeva told the beautiful daughter the truth: her father had, of course, been snared by a witch. Not only a witch, but a foul woman who was creating the very malady that had overtaken the forest folk. All this, done merely so that she could sully their favors and forever in-debt these good and fine folk to her wicked will. Piya said as much and told Yeva that if she did not leave, then she would use the very name of Christ against her.

Yeva smiled and opened her mouth as if to make pleasantries, but instead spat out a horrible curse upon Piya. Yeva, with dark sorcery, changed Piya's truename, twisting her in form and spirit forever into Garpiya. And so, the once sweet and beautiful girl became the very first Harpy, a loveless and hideous thing that could never die, never know the light of truth, and never be loved again.

Art Source: "Harpyja" (c)/by znodden
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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