Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sister Isabel Torres wanted to live a simple, quiet life.

Sister Isabel Torres wanted to live a simple, quiet life. She never wanted anything but peace, prayer, and the opportunity to grow closer to God. However, whether it was the mysterious and unfathomable Will of God or the unspeakable wiles of the Devil, this was not to be.

It was the year 2087 and the plague had finally reached even the remote nunnery of the Sisters of the Fading Light. Isabel had told them that it was coming—that her visions had been warnings as much as predictions—but none of them had listened to her. Now, their secluded and self-sustaining stone structure in the volcanic mountains of El Salvador would soon be overrun with the slavering, mutantanicgenic beastmen from the north.

Isabel had heard the stories from the few that survived the attacks. She had ministered to many of them herself. She had prayed for them as the poisonous saliva of their horrific, twisted attackers took its hold and transformed their bodies into animalistic killing machines. She had shown many of them the way to Salvation before their minds were boiled into little more than sludge inside their skulls by the intense conversion fever. Now, the Sister feared that there would be no more to save. No more to lead to the Mercy Seat of Christ, her Lord.

She could hear the howls and the screams, growing ever louder. She checked that all was ready and she made sure that Mercy, her Sig Sauer P990 was locked, cocked, and ready to rock. Her training was flawless, her armor was strong, her weapon was blessed, and her soul was secure.

“Let them come...”, she said to herself. “...For I fear no evil.”

Art Source: "Hell on Earth4" (c)/by Perun-Tworek
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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