Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Father! Tell us again the tale of Yuzu!"

"Father! Tell us again the tale of Yuzu!"

The wizened old man smiled, his dark eyes twinkling. He knew how we loved the tale and he loved its telling. He loved it because it taught us lessons, and he loved it because it taught us to laugh, but most of all, he loved it because it was true. He sipped his saki, and clearing his throat politely, began to speak.

"First, my children. It is important to know that the mighty being of which you speak has a proper name. Do you know what it is?"

We loved this part. It was one of the few times when our Father would allow us to raise our voices while inside. We would not just raise our voices. We would ROAR, "SHISHI YUZU!"

Father would chuckle, nodding. "Yes, my children, and what does this mean?"

Now, we would have to growl. My brother loved this the best. "Lion Yuzu", we rumbled.

"Yes, my children. And Shishi Yuzu was as fierce as any ten lions. This hero possessed the strength of many men and his bravery and prowess in battle are the thing of song. But Yuzu was not just a great warrior, my children, oh no... Yuzu was said to have powers of healing and restoration and that even his blood could heal the ailments of others."

My brother could never wait. He interrupted our father and asked the question that we all knew was coming. "Father! Tell us, when did Yuzu first journey to Japan and Korea?"

We were all grinning, even before the answer came.

My father smiled slyly. "Why, during the Tang Dynasty, of course..."

Art Source: "2 Kung-fu Lemon" (c)/by Gimaldinov
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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