Sunday, June 19, 2016

"No, the light will call them!"

"No, the light will call them!"

"I know, Myra. That's the reason I lit it, foolish woman." The man's wrinkled lips, covered in hoary whiskers, split into a feral snarl.

"You cannot do this, Caleb. There are innocents here: women and children!" Myra's red-rimmed blue eyes were beginning to fill with tears. Her thoughts were centered on Bailey, who she prayed was still safe, hidden in her mother's basement.

The old sailor snarled, "You call 'em innocents, but ain't no one innocent, Myra. They get what comes to 'em."

Myra thought she was going to lose her mind. This whole night had been one topsy-turvy nightmare after another. She still could not believe the things that she'd seen. Her mind still could not accept that some kind of Doorway had been opened and that now there were Things out there. She ran a blood-stained hand over her weary face. She heard the words come out of her mouth, but they seemed like a scene out of a bad movie. "Then so do you, Caleb."

Myra shot her husband in the heart.

His blood splashed across the wyrdlight that her husband had lit in the lighthouse tower. The blood turned the yellow light a garish orange.

Outside, she could hear the watery, gurgling howls of the things Caleb had called Deeper Ones. She knew she could not put out the wyrdlight but began fishing through Caleb's pockets for a clue. Inside an inner pocket, she found an ancient book, tiny and yellowed, with a strange scar-like symbol carved into the cover. Her fingertips tingled as she touched it. There was power in this thing.

"Perhaps this can help," she said as she cracked the ancient spine-it sounded like bones breaking.

Outside, the Deeper Ones howled and their backs began glowing with garish orange lights--the same color as the wyrdlight--each displaying the same symbol on the cover of the odd, archaic tome.

Art Source: "Merman" (c)/by cobaltplasma
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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