Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sens squawked hoarsely, flapping its inky wings.

1350 A.D.
Lublin, Poland

Sens squawked hoarsely, flapping its inky wings. Off in the distance, a storm was looming and the Raven seemed disturbed by its deep-throated rumbling.

Tarik looked up from the tome it was perusing and shot a searing glance at the bird. "Husssssh," it growled.

Sens settled down immediately, tucking its black beak beneath soot-colored feathers.

Tarik went back to studying the book, scanning the arcane glyphs and symbols over and over again. The creature honestly did not know why, but it did it anyway...it had done so for nearly a hundred years now. Tarik knew all of the words and phrases in the book by heart, backwards and forwards, yet it could not help but to gaze upon them...as if there were something hidden therein that it was missing.

The creature tore its eyes from the tome and made its shuffling way over to the far side of the chamber, where a black iron brazier sat, upholding an infernal flame that cast lurid red light and sordid blue shadows at the same time. In the flames, there was a message. Tarik drank it in, hungrily. It was so rare to receive news these days, what with the Black Death running rampant through Europe.

There was so much to do and so little time to gloat over it.

Tarik listened to every fragment carefully, just as it did everything, and tried desperately to contain its excitement. An old enemy was near and it was Tarik's privilege to dispatch him. The Betrayer was in nearby Krakow, and apparently he was holding the Plague at bay. Tarik grinned and the creature's toothy maw nearly spit its malformed skull in two.

"Make ready to leave, Sens," the creature cackled, fishing out a lock of hair from a desiccated corpse in the rear of the cavern. A few hissed words later, and Tarik's nightmarish form had changed,morphing into an odd-looking young man--or perhaps a young woman, it was hard to tell--dressed from head-to-to in supple brown leathers. A fine dagger rode upon its hip and a wide-brimmed hat rode atop the thing's charcoal-colored head.

Tarik moved briskly to retrieve the tome and held aloft its hand, where Sens, the familiar raven took temporary roost. For a moment, a foul, scarlet light was kindled in both the raven's an in the creature-turned-human's eyes. A knowing smile crawled across Tarik's lips and far away in the distance, the thunder rolled.

"Take heed, Tenet. There be a storm coming..."

Art Source: "200/366" (c)/by excellero
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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