Sunday, July 24, 2016

There was once a great place called America.

There was once a great place called America.

It was a good and noble place, filled with concepts like freedom, democracy, liberty, and justice. It was a place that was founded upon belief in God, and with that, came a sense of protection, and grounding, and right standing. Good men and women died defending that concept and they died knowing that it was something that was well worth fighting for.

Sure, it had it's problems. Hell, nothing that men do is perfect. But America was pretty darn close.

But then, the concept that was America drifted away from its moorings. It came unhinged from the concepts of God, morality, equality, goodness, decentness, and liberty. Things went downhill fast. It did not take long. Compared to the time it takes to build a tower, the time it takes to bring one crashing down is almost nothing.

That was the way it happened for America, and War followed soon after.

The War was bad. War's bad enough on its own, without adding any complications, but this War was even worse, because this was a War Without Hope. Understand, when you take away those moorings, when you remove the foundations upon which America was built, then you also remove the framework for hope. That was the one thing that no one saw coming, and that was the one thing that made this War the Worst That Had Ever Happened.

There's not much left now. There's not much left that's worth fighting for. Or, at least there wasn't, until I found the Books. I found the Books that everyone stopped reading, and stopped believing in...there's just a few of them, but I found them and I read them.

And now I know.

And I have something worth fighting for.

There was a man in some of the Books--a Great Man--and I read all about him. It changed me...forever.

I've become a man of the Books.

I've taken on his mantle.

I've got hope.

My name is Captain America, and now I'm going to restore that which was great.

God Bless America.

Art Source: "Captain of the Wastelands" (c)/by Christopher Stevens
Story: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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