Thursday, July 28, 2016

The edges of the Curtain are fraying.

The edges of the Curtain are fraying.

Few realms relish in these moments when the gaps and tears grow wider to reveal that man is not alone. Mine is such a place. We have craved the coming days, too long in the dark. It came like a key-shaped star dropping into the midnight pool of our reality. It split open a pinprick, through which we smelled a scent long lost to us. This fragrance came to our starved hearts like morsels of food to a prisoner.


We slurped at the seam and nourished our spirits. Mankind made it easy, so well-sown and watered with concerns. We knew the harvest was ripe for the picking. We just needed a little more strength before we opened the door and claimed our reward. Their fertile souls would be a welcome exchange for the depravity of our cage.

Then the Grey One drew near.

That Betrayer caused no small injury with his meddling. He, too, saw the key hole from the other side. He hated it. Better, he feared it. There is little like the taste of fear from his kind. I nearly leaped at the eyelet in the Curtain just to suck at the vapor of his dread. But we waited and grew stronger. He jammed a stopper into our draught. He thought his patchwork fixed the breach and kept our coming at bay.

He was too late.

The slit in the fabric tore in a flash of blue fire. The Exile could not realize his error too soon. It was time for the Wanderer to meet the Imprisoned. It was time for the Darkness to spread into the land of the living. I have long waited for this moment, and the silver-touched would be my first prize. I summoned the monoliths, the decayers, the desiccants, the shadows, and the Things-Man-Forgot-and-Feared-To-Name. It was time for a reaping. The fire in my heart kindled my visor and sped along my sword forged in the depths of our realm.

It was time for Tenet to face Apollyon.

Art Source: "WarCry" (c)/by JustMick
Story and Characters: (c)/by Corey Blankenship, Tenet (c) Brannon Hollingsworth

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