Friday, July 29, 2016

Too long have they kept us down.

"Too long have they kept us down. Too long have our kind--our kin, our people--been suppressed. Too long have they shorn our horns from birth. Too long have they forced us to work in their mine shafts, in their foundries, in their coal pits...we were once a proud people, a people who ruled the lands we inhabited.

"Now, we are little more than beasts.

"We choose our slavery now. We submit to the rule of unjust law. We submit to the collar of wages. We willingly abandon the principals of liberty and freedom - and for what? For the promise of a gold ring? A gold ring which eventually be placed in our noses! We are fools! We think of this thing as a prize, as a symbol of our own accomplishments! Do we not know that this ring is also an ancient symbol of oppression - of abject and outright slavery!

"I call upon my brethren now! Stand up! Speak out! Cast off the chains that bind you! You know, as well as I, that those chain cannot hold us. A chain has not yet been forged that can do so - break your chains and use them as the first tools to strangle the life from your jailers--the call themselves foremen, or bosses--but they are nothing more than dark-hearted cowards!

"Join me, my brethren! Join me and once again, the might of the Minotaur nation will be known the world over!"

- Jerok Chain-breaker,
In his first historic speech to the Minotaur nation

Art Source: "Minotuar Concept" (c)/by Jerad Marantz
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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