Thursday, July 14, 2016

"The time has come, my son," the woman said.

"The time has come, my son," the woman said. Her dark eyes shown with anticipation.

"I...I do not understand, mother," Chakrii replied. He was nervous. His mother had never acted in such a fashion before.

"Follow me," she said, leaving the cool walls of their palace home and stepping out into the muggy summer heat. The sounds of insects and water were everywhere. Without looking back, the dark-haired woman intoned, "It is time to claim your birthright, Chakrii."

The prince was quickly becoming worried. His mother seemed to be walking and talking as if she were in some sort of dream. As they crossed the narrow bridge across the palace moat, she seemed to almost be floating. He reached out and took her dark brown hand. A deep rumbling sounded all around him, but he ignored it, more focused on what was ailing his mother, the queen.

The anxiousness and worry were apparent in Chakrii's tone. "Mother!"

Dark eyes drafted around but finally settled onto the prince's face. "What is it my son?"

"You must tell me what this is about. I fear for you. You are acting...strange." Chakrii didn't quite have a word to describe his mother's behavior. He had never encountered such before.

The queen looked to the sky, where only a sliver of moon rode in the sky. Her dark orbs trailed to the moat and the many pairs of eyes gleaming there, in the wan silver light. Finally, she looked back to her son. "As I said, my son, it is time to gain your birthright."

"I am not the King. Not yet. Father still lives, despite his sickness."

The dark woman laughed, her head thrown back. "That weak man is not your father. You are the spawn of King Chalawan and now-" she pushed her son into the mire-filled moat, where hundreds of crocodiles waited. She continued, her voice rising to drown out her son's screams as he underwent the rite of transformation. "Now you shall take on your true form, and rise as the new king of Thailand, and the world!"

When Chakrii rose from the muck, he was much changed.

Art Source: "Crocodilian Brawler" (c)/by KatieHofgard
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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