Saturday, July 9, 2016

“You asked for a report of the Savage Lands, and I have given it”

“You asked for a report of the Savage Lands, and I have given it” Grrawl said, standing before the Circle. He had little doubt what the cowards—the non-hunters who made up the Ruling Council of his Tribe—would say, but he did not dishonor himself by speaking his thoughts.

“And the Circle thanks you for your service” Snnaat replied glancing to his Circle companions to his left and right, his yellow eyes finally coming to rest on Grrawl. “But we must disagree with your assessment. We do not feel that a settlement of Wolvn in the Savage Lands is a wise use of the Tribe’s time and resources-"

Grrawl could not contain the deep, basal growl that bubbled up out of his scarred and armor-covered chest; it came instinctively, interrupting Snnaat’s obviously rehearsed speech. The hunter now knew that it did not matter what his report had been, the Circle had already made up their mind.

“-at this time,” Snnaat continued, swallowing.

“This is foolish” Grrawl barked. “Our Tribe flounders and weakens by the day. There is little to hunt here, and we can only eat these…meals…the Circle gives to us. Wolvn must hunt if they are to be Wolvn!” The hunter raised his obsidian dagg and svvax, displaying their masterful workmanship. “Even now, our cubs loose the skills they need to craft and wield the weapons of our kind - weapons that once made the Wolvn Tribe the greatest the world has known!”

Snnaat’s upper lip curled with the Wolvn equivalent of a frown. He had known that this one would be trouble. Even though he had no concept of the Circle’s larger plan, this meddlesome hunter was too close to the truth of their plot for comfort. Snnaat had to act quickly and craftily. “The Circle hears your words and we agree with you, Grrawl. Yet, you also touch upon our greatest concern. Our Tribe’s numbers are few. To risk so many to the Savage Lands would be risky.”

“Risky? RISKY?” Graawl snarled in frustration. He shrugged his left shoulder, causing the Chiirg scale he wore as a cauldron to hop up and down. “Was it risky to fight the mighty Chiirg to the death? Yes! Yet, it was done! Was it risky for our fore-sires to break the shackles of their bondage and settle the land that became the Tribelands? Yes! Yet it was done! Wolvn need risk to thrive!”

Snnaat looked to his companions around the Circle. He could see the message written across their muzzles. ‘Get rid of the troublemaker.’ A deliciously wicked idea crept in behind Snnaat’s yellow eyes and took root. He nodded, as if in deep consideration. Finally, he spoke. “Your words ring with truth, great hunter Grrawl, and they have stirred my blood. The Circle has decided that you and your sires shall move into the Savage Lands. We wish you good hunting.”

Grrawl was shocked. This was not what he had expected. He had expected to receive permission to forge a whole new era for his kind. What he had received was tantamount to a death sentence.

The Circle departed, murmuring to themselves.

Grrawl was certain he saw Snnaat smiling.

Art Source: "WOLF Warrior" (c)/by el-grimlock
Story and Characters: (c)/by Brannon Hollingsworth

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